Hello Trello

February 27, 2018

I’ve been on a roll lately. For once, some of my grand aspirations have started a slow transfer into reality. This is the 14th post of 2018 and I’m also doing more of my pet personal projects. It’s a good feeling. I think there’s three reasons why things have picked up, and I’m recording them here for my future self and others (cough Matt).


Like everyone else, I’m enamored with the newest, latest tools for tasks and todo lists. I’ve tried a lot of them, which has made me have a bunch of different todo lists in disparate places. A little while back I nixed them all and centralized around Trello. More specifically, I only have one Trello board and everything goes on there, whether it’s work, play, ideas, checklists, whatever.

Only having one place for everything has somehow given me a bit more clarity. When I was motivated to do something, I used to fumble over all the potential avenues. Now, I just pick one on the list and go.


It doesn’t have to be Trello. Whatever works. But one, super simple tool.

Give up on quality

One of the original points of having a blog was to establish a minimum bar for quality. In a journal only I read, I can spit out a stream of whatever. I won’t do that here. But it’s easy to take this too far. I have a load of half written stuff that scare me because I was so unable to get out what it is I was trying to say.


Is a precise art, and so

I fear my great thoughts.

After figuring out the potential energy analogue I’ve mostly stopped. There’s still a bar, but it’s much lower now. I’m focused more on rhythm, feel, and practice. The quality will come in time.

Like What You Do

For quite awhile, I had a day job that I didn’t like. It sucked the energy out of the air, and I’d end up at home in the evening sitting in a chair wondering why I wasn’t motivated.

That changed recently, and my day job now has both meaning and energy. I have less time now, but somehow I’m still doing more out of way less time. I didn’t realize how big a drain this was on my system. It’s all about energy.

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