My kids are the best

Hey 👋🏼 I'm Greg.

I'm a guy on the internet with too many interests. Most of them orbit around learning and writing and software and kids and books and business. This is the place I come to try to string words and ideas together and hold myself accountable.
Credentials are sooo boring. I like this list better.
  • 3 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife
  • Still goes to church
  • Splits time between Maryland and Delaware
  • Will choose a beer and cigar with friends over nearly any other activity
  • 43 and feels like a wide-eyed little kid
  • Wrote software or led software teams for a living for 20 years, including some fun machine learning and model training stuff
  • Drove from Maryland to California and back with the family to see the country and have a blast in a rented RV
  • Like Erasmus, would choose books first over food and clothes
  • Runs a lot
  • Raced cars and taught other people how to race cars
  • Has 3 half-written messes that look like novels if you squint.. at some point a finished novel will be on this list!
  • Helped build a company from 2 to 250+
  • Bought our 2nd house at the beach 5 years ago and paid it off
  • Loves building things out of (wood | words | code | ideas)

Things I've Written

  • Brief New Parent Advice

    Someone I know just had their first child and randomly asked me “Any new dad tips?” This is someone I only know virtually, which means we use text not voice. So I took a minute to say more than a…

    June 05, 2024
  • Interesting Prompts, Part 3 (A Prompt Quine!)

    Greg: ok, we’re going to try something different now ChatGPT: Sure, I’m ready for the next task. What would you like to try? Greg: Do you know what a quine is in programming? ChatGPT: Yes, I know what…

    May 27, 2024
  • Interesting Prompts, Part 2

    I’ve been having some fun with GPT-4o and building some interesting prompts. Get ready for some crazy. This one has some huge blocks of text. Part 1: Processes and Memory Greg: ChatGPT: The…

    May 22, 2024
  • Interesting Prompts, Part 1

    I’ve been having some fun with GPT-4o and building some interesting prompts. Get ready for some crazy. Some of these will be long. So I’ll link others here as I compile and post them. Greg: I want…

    May 20, 2024
  • Beliefs Flock

    I just listened to a talk by Scott Galloway (this one) and it was striking to me because half of the talk was clear and I found myself nodding in agreement. And then there’s the other half where I…

    May 17, 2024
  • Gentleman Farmers

    I have this recurring idea of a gentleman farmer in my head. This farmer owns many acres, stretching across the hills. He loves the land. He nuzzles the horses down in the horse farm and feeds them…

    May 15, 2024

There's plenty more to read too

Things I'm Reading

That's 22 books so far this year.

  • Projects

    • CollegeValue - Compare colleges and majors based on how much money graduates make versus how much debt they accrue. Based on open-source data from the Department of Education.
    • Brains Are Plastic - A Both/And view of understanding technologyh for parents - coming soon!
  • Things I'm Wondering

    • How are phones and technology changing the way we grow up?
    • Can restaurants use spreadsheets as menus?
    • How do you get better at speaking?
    • How can work on small projects drive family revenue?
    • What does it take to write a spy novel?
  • Workouts I've Killed

    • 1.48 Mile Run, 18 hours ago
      14:00 at 9:28 pace
    • 1.72 Mile Run, 2 days ago
      22:00 at 12:46 pace
    • 3.46 Mile Walk, 3 days ago
      61:52 at 17:53 pace
    • 4.37 Mile Run, 4 days ago
      57:30 at 13:9 pace
    • 4.04 Mile Run, 5 days ago
      52:52 at 13:3 pace
  • Quotes Newly Discovered

    • “Of all the things Donald Trump has been accused of, none are as serious or system-imperiling as abusing the courts to dispose of a political rival.”
      -Matt Taibbi
    • “All nature is but art, unknown to thee; All chance, direction, which thou canst not see;”
      -Alexander Pope
    • “Nominally, it is true, the Press exists to impart information. But its real function is to provide, like the cinema, a distraction which shall occupy the mind without demanding of it the slightest effort or the fatigue of a single thought.”
      -Aldous Huxley
    • "Machines cannot pause. Despite its enormous capacity for calculation the computer is stupid insofar as it lacks the ability to delay."
      -Byung-Chal Han