Some recent scribblings..

  • We Are All Cyborgs

    Table of Contents Cyborgs On The Toilet Connected and Disconnected No GPS Real Risk Recorded and Private Preference Falsification Consensus Identity Relationships and Audience Democratization and…

    June 06, 2022
  • WLI5

    My five year old daughter is obsessed with her letters, so she sits down often to do some writing or doodling on scraps of paper. She picks up her pen and starts pulling it down the page in what she…

    February 09, 2022
  • Hyperbolic Discounting and Cashflow

    Hyperbolic Discounting Back in 1970, a couple of Stanford psychologists conducted an interesting little experiment. They took young children into an empty room and showed them a treat on the table…

    January 25, 2022
  • Constraints For Kids

    A couple months ago, Elon Musk got called out for the sin of being so successful that 2% of his wealth would supposedly solve world hunger. In typical Elon fashion, he responded directly. As one…

    January 09, 2022
  • China and Incommensurability

    I’ve never really understood China, so I’m reading a book about China. It’s called The Hundred Year Marathon and it’s opened my eyes to quite a lot so far. In particular, it’s clear that I’ve never…

    January 06, 2022
  • 2022 Systems

    Here we go 2022 is here! 2021 was amazing. I wrote about it, believe it or not. It turned out not at all how I expected, but I loved every second. It also made me think a bit more about 2022 and…

    January 05, 2022