Some Podcasts

November 24, 2018

I really like Podcasts. They seem to have taken off in a really big way in the last five years, and it’s awesome. Unless you’re a big fan of audiobooks and Audible (I’m not really), it’s the best way to fill an easy commute to work. I’ve got a bunch I listen to regularly, so I thought I’d share my list.

Here they are, in no particular order.

  • Econtalk. This is the one that really got me into podcasts. Russ Roberts has been interviewing authors, economists, and others on a regular basis for ten-plus years, and the topics are varied and interesting.
  • Startups For The Rest Of Us. This is a great podcast from the founders of Microconf on the everyday efforts and decisions you need to make when starting a company. It’s a really good and realistic take on the whole process.
  • Software Engineering Daily. Daily (daily!) interviews on a wide variety of CS and Software topics. Very often great.
  • Pod Save America. When I want a very left-leaning view of the news, with some good comedic relief.
  • The Ben Shapiro Show. When I want a very right-leaning view of the news, with some comedic relief.
  • Intelligence Matters. A former top intelligence and CIA official provides interviews and commentary on current events from an intelligence and foreign affairs perspective.
  • Three Legs, Four Wheels. Funny British Formula1 podcast.
  • Elixir Mix. The podcast for Elixir. Elixir is the language of the future.
  • Views on Vue. The podcast for Vue.js. Big fan of Vue, over React and Angular.
  • Startalk Radio. Neil Degrasse Tyson’s cast on science and astronomy. This is one I skip unless I really like the topic, but the Cosmic Query Q&A sessions are always fun.
  • Stuff You Should Know. Super entertaining show on all the things you should know including How Vampires Work, Peak Oil, How Condoms Work, How Jet Lag Works, and what makes us yawn.
  • Indie Hackers. Courtland Allen’s interviews from Indie Hackers. Love this community.
  • The Changelog. Great software podcast with really interesting (and usually trendy) topics.
  • The Jordan Peterson Podcast. Jordan Peterson gets a bad rap in a lot of circles, but he’s a brilliant and honest academician and his explorations of psychology and philosophy can be very dense. An occasional listen when I’m in that sort of mood.
  • Beyond the Grid. Formula1 official podcast with interviews from some of the drivers and other key players.
  • Starting and Sustaining. Garrett Dimon’s podcast on small software businesses. The production is usually not great, but the content usually is.* NPR How I Built This. Great interviews with founders of interesting companies.
  • Mark Bell’s Power Project. Interviews with powerlifters and other strength or fitness personalities. Often inspiring, sometimes niche, and usually very lifestyle oriented.
  • Game of Thrones The Podcast. The eponymously named BaldMove podcast for the show. BaldMove is great.
  • Game of Owns. Niche and really good Game of Thrones podcast
  • Watching Westworld. The eponymously named BaldMove podcast for the show.
  • Tropical MBA. Entrepreneurial stuff.
  • Homestead Story. Chickens, Cows, Kids, and Catholics. A good friend of mine does this podcast with his wife on his experience starting and living on his farm and growing most of his own food.
  • The SaaS Podcast. Interviews with entrepreneurs and founders of SaaS companies. Usually really good, although generally focused on larger SaaS companies that have gotten to a pretty good revenue size.
  • Y Combinator. Good interviews from some Silicon Valley names.
  • Ruby Rogues. Don’t listen to this as much as I’m not doing anything with Ruby, but it’s a good show and the topics were always on point.
  • NPR Hidden Brain. An occasional listen for me, but the topics are interesting and I’ve always liked how relatively neutral NPR tries to be on topics.

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