Two Weeks, Over Ten Pounds

January 24, 2018

It’s been just over two weeks since I hopped back on the keto bandwagon, and I’m both frustrated and excited.

Keto is the best way I’ve found to make a big dent into body fat and body composition. Each time I’ve done it, I’ve somehow been both excited by how fast it works while being frustrated by the slowness.

On the day-to-day level, it seems so slow. I do weigh-ins twice a week now, and it can be frustrating to sometimes see no change or only a pound difference. I used to do daily weigh-ins as a way to focus and maintain accountability. Once I proved to myself that I could do it, I dropped it back because the daily cognitive stress of “the number” was annoying. Twice a week is a good balance.

On a macroscopic level, you don’t really get a good sense of the trend line for a few weeks. And after only two weeks, ten pounds is a big difference. I feel lighter, healthier, and faster. Because of a nagging back injury (torn or strained lat, really frustrating), I’ve been focusing much more on running the time around. I’ve been trying to ensure at least four workouts a week, and sometimes five. My mile and 5k times are definitely going down; I did a 7:15 mile yesterday.

I’m especially excited and nervous for the next couple of weeks. I’m at 236 lbs right now. The lowest weight I’ve ever been since college is 235. That’s a long time at this weight. There is definitely a mental barrier of some sort here, so blowing through it and tilting down towards the 220s will be huge. The day I hit 229, I’ll definitely declare success.

I used to hate the arbitrariness of New Year’s Resolutions, but it really is a great time to do something for yourself. Keep at it!

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