Time To Build

May 22, 2023

I’m not going to lie, I ripped this title off from an excellent book. Because like everything else, of course this relates back to a book I read. It’s time to build again.

Life has seasons. Some of those seasons ebb and there needs to be a break and a low time. Some of the seasons are hyperactive flow and full of energy and production. Lately it’s been a bit of a low time. But it feels like it’s time to roll again.

This is incredibly ironic since it’s the beginning of summertime and we’re about to go on a big family vacation. But that’s fine. There should be time during travel to produce too.

Why is now the time to start rolling again? I wish I knew why, but because it feels right. Some of it has been all the new products in AI that have been so exciting. Some of it is family dynamics and everything being in a state where the time is ripe to take another step. And some of it is just straight mental attitude. January through March are always a struggle - the lack of sunlight and cold weather drives me bonkers and I end up being pretty low by March. And this year was a bit extra. But now I’m back baby.

What is the output going to be? A combination of things probably. I’ve got a content product idea, a chrome extension, the day job is exciting, and the workout routine is nearly daily now. When your mental state is strong, you feel like you can do all the things every day.. and somehow you make the time. When you’re down on yourself all day becomes a slow moving fog.

It helps that I’ve finally eschewed all social media. I got rid of FB ages ago and never got on TikTok or Snap. Twitter and IG were my main time sucks. I still have the accounts but the apps are gone from my phone and my rule is I’m only allowed to check them from my computer.. and I always have other stuff I want to do here. In raw time that was probably an hour a day realistically (I know plenty of people much worse) but the interesting part isn’t just the time, it’s the attention. When most people go to the bathroom or are stuck waiting in a queue in their car or whatever, they check their feeds to fill that 2 minutes of time. Bam, your attention is gone. Which puts you in a consumptive mode instead of a productive one.

In the few seeks since I ditched the apps, I’ve started having ideas at random times like I used to, putting weird things together or dreaming up new travel or life schemes. It feels like 2008.

So that’s it. Expect more random blogging where I dump ideas too. Publishing doesn’t mean all spit and polish. Just get the work done and let some words flow on a regular basis!

Let’s build.

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