Letter to the SEB - 2009 Nationals Courses, Thoughts, and Thanks

September 24, 2009


I wanted to briefly express my happiness after the 2009 Solo Nationals and Pro Finale in Lincoln, Nebraska. The site chosen was worlds better than HPT and better even than Forbes! The entire event ran very efficiently, Lincoln was a wonderful host city, and the site itself felt like a Mecca of concrete. I hope we stay in Lincoln for years and years.

I wanted to add my hopes and constructive criticisms for improving the event in the future:

  • The ongoing test and tune was a wonderful perk that ought to become a mainstay. The Nebraska Region did a great job of hosting and the ticket/time slot system was about as equitable as it can be. It may be worthwhile to ask for workers from the pool of participants and provide a discounted rate in exchange for working an hour time slot.

  • Given the OPR/tar build up, it would be extremely worthwhile to provide a tire scrubbing/open running zone that provides 30-60 seconds of “cleaning” at a small cost of $5. Again, the Nebraska region could benefit.

  • The Pro Solo courses were some of the best I’ve seen. I hope their size and length are indicative of the future.

  • Bleachers in spectator areas would add a lot of seating.

  • Spectator areas that did not require a walk through hot grid would be even better.

  • Sololive.scca.com was a great addition. Adding a Podcast of the announcers for everyone not within a couple of miles of the site, and those on their way home (or at home) would be even better.

  • Last, and most importantly, I’m hoping the use of course/grid/miscellany space will be used more efficiently. The grids seemed bigger than needed, and there was a lot of space between grid and the first row of paddock where the Monroe truck was. I’m also hoping that future designers are not limited to a given space. I’ve submitted my name to do a Nationals course and I was told the space allocated was 750’x750’ to this year’s 800’x800’. I’m hoping that space gets bigger; I think it can. There is also room to move away from a square grid. A square necessitates the designer using a certain number of 90/180 turns to properly use all the space. Angling the course divide would give a bit different contour to each course and would also avoid Lake Nebraska.

Thanks again, and I look forward to being back next year!!

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