Pushing Too Hard

November 21, 2017

We’re back in Maryland getting prepared for Thanksgiving this week. Since we’re hosting 20+ people at our house, there’s a ton to do! Unfortunately, the entire family is slowly recovering from some head colds and aches and everyone feels pretty exhausted. Thanksgiving will be great as always, but this week is a bit trickier than usual. And for the most part, I think we did it to ourselves.

We were down at the beach this past weekend, but we had skipped a trip the week before for the first time since we bought the place. We expected it to be a normal weekend, and it was.. except that our laundry list of stuff-to-do was a bit longer. And then we added to it. And added to it.

We ran ourselves ragged this weekend, focusing too much on getting chores done and not enough on enjoying our family getaway and relaxing. We brought our DC paced life there instead of sloughing it off on the drive down like we have on past weekends.

Lesson learned. It’s good to get stuff done, but not at the expense of the qualities of living that the beach represents: a slower pace, more enjoyment, more time with family and friends. We’ll balance more next time!

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