What You'll Wish You'd Known

September 18, 2011

An Ask PG thread on Hacker News had a comment so poignant I felt inclined to repost it here. The author suggested PG make another book of essays, this one targeted at high school and college students (loosely). Here’s the OP’s list:

  1. What You’ll Wish You’d Known
  2. What You Can’t Say
  3. Disconnecting Distraction
  4. The Age of the Essay
  5. Why Nerds are Unpopular
  6. Writing, Briefly
  7. Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas
  8. Good and Bad Procrastination
  9. How to Do What You Love
  10. See Randomness
  11. The Power of the Marginal
  12. How Art Can Be Good
  13. Taste for Makers
  14. Two Kinds of Judgement
  15. Stuff

I would consider adding to this:

  1. Undergraduation
  2. You Weren’t Meant To Have A Boss
  3. Keep Your Identity Small

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