Evergreen News

May 14, 2017

I’m working right now to setup another blog, get a mailing list going, and build an audience. I’ve never actually tried to build an audience before - this blog is for me and my thoughts and any additional reading by others is incidental - so being me, I’ve been putting in some research into how this actually works.

One of the big concepts I ran across quickly was the notion of evergreen content. Evergreen content always stays fresh, regardless of when a reader finds it. It’s not poignant because of the date, it’s poignant because of the topic.

It is emphatically not news, which today is an odd combination of first-to-publish and outrage porn.

Today, the notion of evergreen news is desperately needed. A lot of people are searching for an answer to this problem while being simultaneously sucked in to the drivel put out by both the left and the right.

In the meantime, the Current Events portal on Wikipedia is the closest thing we’ve got and it’s my main news source. It’s frequently updated, and links to encyclopedic, neutral articles. It’s goal is to be evergreen. Ditch your traditional news sources steeped in confirmation bias, and join an evergreen movement.

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