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September 13, 2010

Is it just me, or is Disqus a very big deal? I don’t hear too much talk about them, but they seem to me to be on the edge of very big things.


  • Disqus has very solid metrics across many sites on commenters, including: number of comments, length, number of replies, popularity measures, and interests.
  • Disqus maintains storage of all the comments. They’ve got a vast graph of internet conversations that can be PageRanked and manipulated just like Google does webpages.
  • All of these comments are easily parsed to show who posts links to what in comparison to what they are commenting on. The links can also be PageRanked, etc.
  • A set of articulate comments can themselves become part of someone’s blog or online presence. Disqus could join forces with Posterous, or someone else, to present these together.
  • As soon as a couple of big old-world media sites get ahold of Disqus for comments it will blow up. Imagine the ability to link a commenter from any old blog to a major article in the New York Times. Or even better, linking comments from Coding Horror, the New York Times, Roger Ebert, The Guardian, and Mark Cuban.
  • As more and more places use them for comments, they are essentially creating the largest internet community, bigger than any forum, woven throughout all sorts of websites.

That seems to have the potential for brilliance.

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