June 21, 2023

Three weeks have flown by. So what’s happened?

Week 2 was intermittent. Life is busy and I’m not carving out the regular time I need. This is not a problem of making the time but a problem of priorities. One of the realizations that I’ve had is that there’s no lightbulb moment for motivation and effort. There’s just a long, slow push uphill. A friend said to me recently that we’re at a time in our life where what really matters is the effort, not the results. It’s time to just keep showing up and pushing, right Sisyphus?

I have figured out more about the structure of this thing. I’ve got a notional Table of Contents laid out. It’s not right yet but it’s close. I’ve also started to wonder if a book is really the right format. I did CopyThat last year as a 10 day email-based course and I loved it. A course or lesson structure might actually be better.

So. 40,000 words total of content and more to come. A relative order and structure. If I squint really hard I can see it. I’ve reached about this point before. Now all I have to do is just keep going.

Can you write while you drive?? We’re about to find out. More on that soon!

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